Statement in advance of the World Summit on Food Security (statement and video)

[06/11/2009] GENEVA / BRUSSELS – Prof. Olivier De Schutter issued a contribution to the preparation of the Declaration of the World Summit on Food Security.

Days ahead of the Summit, the negotiations on the Draft Declaration of the Summit are entering their final stage. What is at stake is our ability to take the necessary steps towards a global food system that will make decisive progress towards realizing the human right to adequate food and building our resilience against the risk of future economic shocks and increasing volatility of food prices. The Declaration should be coherent, ambitious and unambiguous on five issues: the right to food, governance, sustainability, trade, and the strengthening of international cooperation.


YouTube Message of the Special Rapporteur in advance of the World Summit on Food Security (6 November 2009)
ReadPDF “A Call for Coherence and Responsibility: Realizing the right to food by improving global governance” Message of Mr. Olivier De Schutter, Special Rapporteur on the right to food (6 November 2009)