Press Releases


Read 19/05/2014, Geneva: Unhealthy diets greater threat to health than tobacco; UN expert calls for global regulation
Read 15/05/2014, Geneva: Governments should use public purse to ‘buy justice’ in food systems
Read 10/03/2014, Geneva: Democracy and diversity can mend broken food systems - final diagnosis from UN right to food expert


Read 18/12/2013, Geneva: UN right to food expert: “As Malaysia rises to ‘high-income status’, it must focus on the most vulnerable”
Read 02/12/2013, Geneva: “Bali package must allow ambitious food security policies” – UN expert on WTO Summit
Read 25/10/2013, Geneva: “No longer a forgotten right” – UN expert hails a decade of right to food progress
Read 26/07/2013, Geneva: Human rights beyond borders: UN experts call on world governments to be guided by the Maastricht Principles
Read 22/07/2013, Lilongwe: From hand-outs to rights – breaking the cycle of perpetual food insecurity in Malawi
Read 21/05/2013, Geneva: 'Equality or bust for post-2015 global development goals' – UN rights experts
Read 18/04/2013, Geneva: 'World Bank-led privatization of Burundian coffee industry must not repeat errors of the past' – UN experts warn
Read 04/03/2013, Geneva: 'Empowering women is shortcut to tackling hunger’
Read 13/01/2013, Geneva: 'Last chance to development-proof the CAP, warns UN food expert on the eve of key EU Parliament vote'


Read 30/10/2012, Geneva: 'Ocean-grabbing' as serious a threat as ‘land-grabbing’ – UN food expert
Read 17/10/2012, Brussels: Agrofuels and the right to food - Q&A from the Special Rapporteur
Read 20/06/2012, Geneva: “Underwrite the poor like we underwrote the banks” – UN experts propose Global Fund for Social Protection
Read 23/07/2012, Geneva: "Cameroon: Stricter taxes for companies drawing on natural resources to better tackle hunger" – UN Special Rapporteur
Read 20/06/2012, Geneva: "A buffer against more than just hunger" - UN Special Rapporteur welcomes right to food in Rio+20
Read 23/05/2012, Geneva: South-East Asia / Agrofuel: UN rights experts raise alarm on land development mega-projects
Read 16/05/2012, Ottawa/Geneva: Canada: national food strategy can eradicate hunger amidst plenty – UN rights expert
Read 14/05/2012, Geneva: G-8 / EU: “A global financial transaction tax, a human rights imperative now more than ever”
Read 19/03/2012, Geneva: Rio+20: “No global goals without accountability” – an open appeal from over 20 UN experts
Read 08/03/2012, Geneva: “Unfinished progress” – UN expert examines food systems in emerging countries
Read 06/03/2012, Geneva: Five ways to tackle disastrous diets – UN food expert
Read 28/02/2012, Geneva: Bangladesh open-pit coal mine threatens fundamental rights, warn UN experts
Read 26/01/2012, Geneva: “Human Rights-Proofing” Globalization — UN right to food expert
Read 24/01/2012, Geneva: Early action can avert Sahel food and nutrition crisis – UN expert


Read 16/12/2011, Geneva: WTO defending an outdated vision of food security - UN food expert responds to Pascal Lamy
Read 16/11/2011, Geneva: Food security hostage to trade in WTO negotiations: UN right to food expert
Read 31/10/2011, Geneva: Key chance for G20 to tackle negative impacts of biofuels and speculation on human rights
Read 24/10/2011, New York: “Farmers must not be disempowered labourers on their own land” - UN right to food expert
Read 03/10/2011, Geneva: “Vulnerable land users must be protected by international guidelines” - UN expert urges Rome summit
Read 27/09/2011, Geneva: West Bank: demolitions and attacks against Palestinians must stop – UN experts
Read 16/09/2011, New York and Geneva: UN food expert: “Chance to crack down on bad diets must not be missed”
Read 13/09/2011, Geneva: “How can Israel’s blockade of Gaza be legal? – UN independent experts on the “Palmer Report”
Read 22/07/2011, Antananarivo: “Madagascar’s hungry population is taken hostage, denounces UN Special Rapporteur”
Read 15/07/2011, Pretoria: “South Africa can move beyond the ‘two economies’to deliver one inclusive food system, says UN food expert”
Read 12/07/2011, Geneva: “Large-scale starvation in Somalia and in the Horn of Africa unless the international community steps in, say UN experts”
Read 23/06/2011, Brussels: “G20 action plan addresses the symptoms, not the causes of the problem, says UN food expert”
Read 21/06/2011, Mexico: “Mexico requires a new strategy to overcome 'food poverty' and obesity, says UN food expert”
Read 02/05/2011, Brussels: “New 3-Year Term for Olivier De Schutter as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food”
Read 08/03/2011, Geneva: “Eco-Farming Can Double Food Production in 10 Years, says new UN report”


Read 23/12/2010, Beijing: “From food security to the right to food: UN expert highlights China’s next steps”
Read 29/11/2010, New York & Geneva: “Cancun Climate Summit: UN food expert calls for a Green Marshall Plan for Agriculture”
Read 21/10/2010, New York: “Pressure on farmland is increasing at an unprecedented rate, warns new UN report”
Read 16/10/2010, Rome and Geneva: “In Rome, the Committee on World Food Security reinvents global governance”
Read 11/10/2010, Geneva: “The New Committee on World Food Security meets its first test on World Food Day”
Read 20/09/2010, Paris: "Commodity speculation can quickly lead to another food crisis", warn Olivier De Schutter and Eva Joly
Read 17/09/2010, Brussels: “MDGs: how not to succeed in combating hunger”
Read 07/09/2010, Geneva: “Two to three million Syrians face food insecurity” (also available in arabic)
Read 07/09/2010, Geneva: Food riots: “Predictable crisis, unprepared governments”
Read 22/06/2010, Brussels: "Agroecology outperforms large-scale industrial farming for global food security"
Read 14/05/2010, Geneva: "Right to food gains ground, but there's still much to be done"
Read 05/03/2010, Geneva: "Benin is at a key moment in the redefinition of its agricultural policies"
Read 05/03/2010, Geneva: "Brazil still a country of two tales: remarkable progress in the fight against hunger, amidst stark social inequalities"
Read 05/03/2010, Geneva: "Guatemala: More needs to be done to remove obstacles to the right to food"
Read 05/03/2010, Geneva: "Nicaragua: I urge the international donor community and the Government to continue working towards the implementation of the right to food in the country"
Read 05/03/2010, Geneva: "The imbalance of power between smallholders and agribusiness must be corrected"


Read 16/12/2009, Geneva: “Climate change, a ticking time bomb for global food security”
Read 01/12/2009, Geneva, WTO Ministerial: “Trade negotiations need to reflect the new global consensus on hunger”
Read 21/10/2009, New York: “Current intellectual property rights regime suboptimal for global food security”
Read 16/10/2009, Brasilia, World Food Day: “Brazil is a leading country on the right to food, tremendous opportunities to do even better”
Read 18/09/2009, Geneva: Political will needed to tackle food crisis and restructure agriculture
Read 23/06/2009, Geneva & New York: “The global food crisis is not over. Our obligations go beyond fixing the financial system”
Read 11/06/2009, Geneva & Brussels: Principles and measures to discipline “land grabbing”
Read 06/05/2009, New York: Global financial crisis and volatile world food prices give urgency to agriculture


Read 10/07/2008, Geneva: UN human rights food expert to G8: “Better, But Not Good Enough”