Press Cuttings

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Read Oxfam blog (Intl)Why aren’t we using government purchasing to promote the right to food (among other things)? Great farewell paper from Olivier de Schutter (01-06-2014)
Read Le Vif (Belgium)Olivier De Schutter termine son mandat et veut créer un GIEC alimentaire (03-06-2014)
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Read The LA Times (US)U.N. food chief: Obesity, unhealthy diets a greater threat than tobacco (25-05-2014)
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Read Euractiv (Intl)Citizens not to blame for rising consumption, scholars say (10-05-2014)
Read La Libre Belgique (Belgium)Hopkins: "L’industrie n’a pas à imposer ses règles" - PDF coming soon
Read Le Monde (France)Olivier De Schutter : « Notre modèle agricole mondial est à bout de souffle » (10-05-2014)
Read Truth-Out (Intl)The Transformative Potential of the Right to Food (14-04-2014)
Read ViEUws (Intl)‘Failed’ food system needs urgent reform, says Olivier De Schutter – UN Special Rapporteur on Right to Food (04-04-2014)
Read Agriland (Ireland)UN Report’s findings call Food Harvest 2020 into doubt, according to An Taisce (04-04-2014)
Read Guardian Food Blog (Intl)'Less is more' – a fix for our broken food system that we can all buy into (31-03-2014)
Read Ottawa Citizen (Canada)Right to Food Prophet Completes His Mandate (27-03-2014)
Read Rzeczpospolita (Poland)Nie ma pomysłu na głód (10-03-2014)
Read Info'OGM (Intl)Nations Unies - Seules « la démocratie et la diversité » permettront de lutter contre la faim dans le monde (31-03-2014)
Read Guardian (Intl)Food system that fails poor countries needs urgent reform, says UN expert (10-03-2014)
Read Euractiv (Intl)UN rapporteur emphasises North’s responsibility in food challenge (10-03-2014)
Read Third World Network (Intl)Democracy and diversity can mend broken food systems (10-03-2014)
Read EFE in Vanguardia (Spain)ONU: Mientras no se reforme el sistema de producción de alimentos habrá  (10-03-2014)
Read RTBF (Belgium)O. De Schutter: "La faim est une question plus politique que technique" (10-03-2014)
Read AFP (Intl)Manque d'engagement, stratégies dépassées: le Rapporteur de l'ONU sur l'alimentation reste sur sa faim (10-03-2014)
Read De Morgen (Belgium)GVN-voedselrapporteur: "Strijd tegen honger is mislukt” (10-03-2014)
Read Italia Oggi (Italy)La corsa alla terra si è fermata (10-03-2014)
Read Prensa Latina (Intl)UN Expert Demands Food Systems Redesign (10-03-2014)
Read Yucatan (Mexico)La ONU reclama una reforma: Habrá hambre si continúa el actual plan alimentario  (10-03-2014)
Read MO(Belgium)Olivier De Schutter: Voedseldemocratie kan de wereld redden (10-03-2014)
Read Guardian (Intl)G8 New Alliance condemned as new wave of colonialism in Africa (21-02-2014)
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Read Guardian (Intl)GM crops: European scientists descend on Africa to promote biotech (24-02-2014)
Read La Libre Belgique (Belgium)Agriculture familiale : mettre les doigts dans l'engrenage (22-01-2014)
Read Die Zeit (Germany) — "Erst die Halfte des Weges" (02-01-2013)
Read The Star (Malaysia)UN praises Malaysia for making strides in reducing poverty (20-12-2013)
Read Mongabay (Malaysia)UN raps Malaysia on palm oil abuses, risks (20-12-2013)
Read IPS (Intl)As Malaysia rises to ‘high-income status’, it must focus on the most vulnerable, says UN expert (20-12-2013)
Read The Malaysia Chronicle (Malaysia)Violence against domestic workers: Govts JUST AS GUILTY as the bosses (16-12-2013)
Read The Malaysian Insier (Malaysia)Malaysia should move from cash handout to rights-based programmes, says rights council (19-12-2013)
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Read Foreign Policy Blog (Intl)How big agriculture is carving up Africa for industrial farmland. (16-12-2013)
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Read The Hindu Business Line (India)"UN supports India’s call for change in WTO rules for securing right to food" (03-12-2013)
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Read The Guardian (Intl)"Latin America leading the way on promoting food as a human right" (25-10-2013)
Read La Libre Belgique (Belgium)"Le droit à l'alimentation, une jurisprudence en progrès" (25-10-2013)
Read Euractiv (Intl)"UN rapporteur pushes for legally binding right to food" (25-10-2013)
Read Oxfam Blog - From Poverty to Power (Intl)"Impressive progress in guaranteeing the right to food in poor countries (Olivier de Schutter’s final big report to the UNGA)" (25-10-2013)
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Read Devex (Belgium)"Keeping the momentum on the Right to Food" (25-10-2013)
Read La Libre Belgique (Belgium)"Un lien très clair entre politiques de l’Europe et accaparement des terres" (15-10-2013)
Read Independent European Daily Express (Intl)"Walking an Economic Tightrope with No Safety Net" (16-10-2013)
Read Le Monde (France)"Biocarburants et sécurité alimentaire, le lien en débat" (10-10-2013)
Read Huffington Post (Intl)"Wake Up and Smell the Soil! Groundbreaking UN Report on the Paradigm Shift Needed to Feed the Future" (26-09-2013)
Read Huffington Post (Intl)"Wake Up and Smell the Soil! Groundbreaking UN Report on the Paradigm Shift Needed to Feed the Future" (26-09-2013)
Read Reuters Alert Net (Intl)"Women and girls are key to ensuring food security – report" (26-07-2013)
Read Manila Times (Philippines)"Closing gender gaps can ease hunger –report" (26-07-2013)
Read Business Recorder (Pakistan)"Asia must knock down gender barriers to secure food future: Study" (26-07-2013)
Read UPI (Intl)"UN calls on Malawi to release food plan for its poor" (22-07-2013)
Read All Africa (Intl)"Malawi must reassess its agricultural policies to break cycle of poverty – UN expert " (04-07-2013)
Read New Kerala (India)"UN urges Malawi to reassess agricultural policies" (22-07-2013)
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Read Domestic Fuel (Intl)"EU Votes In Favor of Biofuels" (20-06-2013)
Read (Italy)"Biocarburante e alimentazione: Toia chiede a Italia di rivedere posizione" (20-06-2013)
Read Italia Oggi (Italy)"Biocarburanti: UE ridurra' cibo disponibile" (20-06-2013)
Read Le Soleil (Senegal)"Selon un responsable de l’ONU : 36 millions d’Ouest-africains en insécurité alimentaire" (20-06-2013)
Read Le Quotidien (Senegal)"Droit à l’alimentation - L’obligation de reddition des comptes comme préalable à la lutte contre la faim" (20-06-2013)
Read La Gazette (Senegal) — "Souveraineté alimentaire en afrique de l'ouest - encore loin du compte" (20-06-2013)
Read Afrique Jet (Intl)"Lancement à Dakar d'une campagne de mise en œuvre du droit à l’alimentation en Afrique de l’Ouest" (20-06-2013)
Read RTS (Senegal)"Les Etats ouest-africains invités à investir dans les exploitations familiales " (20-06-2013)
Read Nexus (France) — "Agriculture biologique: Trois questions à Olivier De Schutter (Nexus)" (16-05-2013)
Read Guardian (Intl)"Poor countries endanger development by spending less than promised" (16-05-2013)
Read Euractiv (Intl)"Lamy urges EU to forge closer trade ties with Africa" (23-05-2013)
Read Philippine Star (Philippines)"UN: 40% of global assets belong to 1% of population" (23-05-2013)
Read CAIRN Info (Intl)"L’agriculture industrielle a des coûts cachés pour la collectivité " (10-05-2013)
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Read Radio France Internationale (Intl)"Burundi: les conséquences de la privatisation de la filière café" (25-04-2013)
Read IWACU Les Voix du Burundi (Burundi)"Deux experts auprès des Nations Unies recommandent la suspension du programme de privatisation de la filière café" (19-04-2013)
Read Afriquinfos (Intl)"Burundi : Deux experts appellent à suspendre la privatisation de la filière café" (19-04-2013)
Read UN News Centre (Intl)"Burundi: UN experts warn of negative consequences of coffee privatization" (18-04-2013)
Read Africa Digital (Intl)"Relatores da ONU alertam para privatização do setor do café no Burundi" (20-04-2013)
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Read Africa Generation News (Intl)"Burundi: L’écolo De Schutter et la privatisation du café" (25-04-2013)
Read The Guardian (Intl)"Are women the secret weapon in the battle for food security?" (05-03-2013)
Read Le Monde (Intl)"L'Inde nie les droits des agricultrices à posséder leurs terres" (04-03-2013)
Read Le Soir (Belgium)"Instruire les femmes pour lutter contre la faim" (04-03-2013)
Read Euractiv (Intl)"UN report: Women's education key to food security" (04-03-2013)
Read La Libre Belgique (Belgium)"Les femmes pour lutter contre la faim" (04-03-2013)
Read La Libération (France)"Plus les femmes sont instruites, moins leurs enfants ont faim, selon l’ONU" (04-03-2013)
Read Toronto Star (Canada)"UN food envoy Olivier De Schutter says Canada starves many of its citizens: Porter" (04-03-2013)
Read Global News (Canada)"Conservatives, UN food envoy embroiled in fresh war of words over poverty report" (04-03-2013)
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Read Voice of America (Intl)"UNHRC: Empowering Women Would Alleviate Hunger" (04-03-2013)
Read Oxfam blog(Intl)"Ending women's inequality is key to tackling hunger. Who cares?" (04-03-2013)
Read CTV (Canada)"UN food envoy slaps Ottawa on scrapping census" (04-03-2013)
Read The Guardian (Intl)"Food poverty 'puts UK's international human rights obligations in danger" (18-02-2013)
Read The Independent (UK)"UN official alarmed by rise of food banks in UK" (17-02-2013)
Read The Huffington Post (Intl)"Food Poverty: UN Special Rapporteur Finds Austerity, Food Banks And Working Poor In UK 'Extremely Worrying'" (18-02-2013)
Read CAIRN info (Intl) — L'agriculture industrielle a des coûts cachés pour la collectivité"(01-02-2013)
Read EuroXpress (Intl)"La ONU pide que la PAC tenga en cuenta a los agricultores de países pobres" (17-01-2013)
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Read Euractiv (Intl)"UN official: The EU should consider the global impact of its farm policy" (18-01-2013)
Read Dow Jones (Intl)"EU Farm Subsidies Scheme Must Allow for Development Concerns - UN Food Analyst " (18-01-2013)
Read Terre et Humanisme (France) — L'agroécologie présentée devant l'ONU" (20-01-2013)
Read Alternatives Economiques (Intl)"Sécurité alimentaire : produire et protéger" (01-01-2013)
Read Trouw (Netherlands) — "De kunst om door mooie praatjes heen te prikken" (20-12-2012)
Read Euractiv (Intl)"EU, other donors urged to back social fund for poor nations" (12-12-2012)
Read InterDependent(Intl) "UN Rights Rapporteur: End Biofuel Mandates for Greater Food Security" (04-12-2012)
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Read Reuters (Intl)"U.N. urges foreign fishing fleets to halt "ocean grabbing" (31-10-2012)
Read AFP (Intl)"Ocean-grabbing 'threatens world's fisheries': UN" (31-10-2012)
Read EFE (Intl)"La ONU alerta de la creciente presión de las grandes industrias pesqueras" (31-10-2012)
Read Guardian (Intl)"Developing nations' fishing grounds should be protected, UN says" (31-10-2012)
Read Le Monde (France)"Devant l'ONU, la pêche industrielle mise en accusation" (31-10-2012)
Read Le Figaro (France)"Combattre la surexploitation des océans" (31-10-2012)
Read Corriere della Sera (Italy)"Dopo la depredazione di terre, anche quella degli oceani" (31-10-2012)
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Read The Guardian(Intl)"UN calls for $20bn to fund social safety nets in world's poorest countries" (09-10-2012)
Read MediaTerre (Intl)"rès de 80% des pauvres de la planète n'ont aucune protection sociale" (15-10-2012)
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