The CAP Reform and its impact in the global South

[20 June 2011] BRUSSELS - One underestimated part of the debate on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform concerns its impacts on the right to food in developing countries, particularly in poor, net-food-importing countries. In the following note, the Special Rapporteur shows that the CAP reform offers a unique opportunity to take these impacts into account in the agricultural policies of the EU.

Section I of this note considers the EU as an exporter of agricultural products. Section II envisages the EU as an importer of agricultural commodities. The note ends in section III with conclusions and suggests a dozen of measures which could be adopted in order for the CAP Reform to make a contribution to the realization of the right to food on a global level.

ReadPDF “The Common Agricultural Policy towards 2020: The role of the European Union in supporting the realization of the right to food”, 17 June 2011.